KDC-UK – Pan-European Pharmaceutical Wholesaling

With focus on GDP and assured bona-fide supply-chain sources, the company operates mainly in the UK where it focuses on parallel distribution of a wide range of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Since its establishment, KDC has been successfully working to become a leading pharma distributor.

In addition, the company specialises in the distribution of In-Vitro products in the UK and to other EU states.

The company has significant expertise in the multi-national trade as well. KDC-UK has a designated experienced team that procures and provides a large number of pharma products meant for global pharma trade. The team focuses on supplying EU originated pharmaceuticals, meant to meet international shortages demand, specialities demand, hospital consumptives’ supply and intra-EU general pharma trade.

KDC-UK strives to have long term successful business relations with its partners and provide an excellent customer service to its clientele, with focus on quality assurance throughout the supply chain.